Our mission is to empower indigenous communities to embrace positive and sustainable developments in water, food and adult education whilst preserving their traditions and connection to nature.

Testigo Projects Inc, a not-for-profit incorporated association, was established by Tracey Sawyer in 2009 in response to a request from her Masai friends Olengunin and Namnyak Marle to bring clean running water into their village Longido, Tanzania.

We work at a grass roots level on long-term sustainable development projects that empower the communities in which they're undertaken and educate the world about their culture through project involvement, publications and documentary films.

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What's happening?

For the latest news about Testigo's projects, please read the blogs of Tracey Sawyer (Testigo founder) here.  You can also listen to her radio interviews here.  Read about our fundraising events here here.

Photo of the 2016 desktop calendar setup

2016 desktop calendars

Stunning 2016 Testigo Africa calendars now available!  Only $20 each (or $15 for seniors and students), plus $5 for postage, packaging and handling in Australia.  100% of proceeds goes to our projects supporting Masai women in Tanzania.  For orders please email info@testigoafrica.org.

Loiborsoit "A" Village Project

Testigo's sixth project village in Masai land, Tanzania, Loiborsoit 'A' village in Simanjiro district, Manyara region, had 134 participants learning to grow vegetables for the first time, utilising permaculture principles.

Ukuaji Permaculture Project (short version)

Testigo Africa is teaching Masai women and men to grow their own food for the first time using permaculture principles.  Ukuaji is the Swahili word for 'grow' - growing food, growing people.

See more films and documentaries here.